Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's Time to Say Good-Bye

After writing this blog for six is time to say good-bye.

So much time has passed since my last entry, and I realized that it is time to move forward and just LIVE!

Despite the long time lapse, I still receive inspirational emails from so many people who find me on the internet.  Unfortunately, there is still little or no information available to those of us who have been diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

Please, please remember:

It is important to ask lots of questions, and never only take one answer from your physician.

If you do not like what your doctor has told you, go to a different one!

Many people were wondering what happened to me.  In a nutshell, life.  I continue to have my ups and downs, but I realized that we must grab hold of life and enjoy the ride...despite what hand we are dealt.

Know that I will continue to fight for a cure...and to educate people about this disease.  I will no longer write in this blog, but I have started a new one specifically to share my daily thoughts and spiritual inspirations.

Feel free to keep in touch, and please visit often:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for accompanying me on this journey.  I appreciate all of your prayers, encouragement and kind words.



Blogger Suzy said...

I was so excited to find someone else blogging about this disease, only to be disappointed that you stopped. I wish you all the best. Any tips for a fairly new blogger would be appreiated.

7:08 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your post is very interesting but screams Lyme disease. Steroids will only exacerbate your situation. It was no coincidence that you felt better initially after receiving your first dose of antibiotics after your "black bug" bite. Lyme is very prevalent in the N.E. My uncle is from CT and had it. I am also suffering from it as well and think I may have contracted it in GA. Please do yourself a favor and seek a LLMD who can help you....or better yet, invest in a RIFE machine. Good luck to you, peace and health.

2:23 PM  
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