Friday, June 04, 2010

With a Positive Mindset--Anything is Possible!

As the morning light shines upon us, a new day is beginning. The temperature here on Long Island is heading towards 80 degrees and I know that today will be a glorious day!

First let me apologize to everyone for my long delay in updating this blog. Believe it or not, six months have come and gone since my last entry. But I want to thank each and every one of you who have called or written to check in on me.

Life continues to have its ups and downs. Within the last few months my health has started to spiral, and I have had some complications. I am re-starting chemotherapy next week, with a positive attitude, as I want to enjoy the summer.

There is so much to do...going to the beach, seafood dinners, swimming in the pool, band gigs, gardening, family trips, playing with my pup...enjoying LIFE!

I had a minor 'blip' a few weeks ago which required a visit to an oncologist. After experiencing strange symptoms and lower groin pain, a CT scan showed some unusual changes within my body. I went for an MRI last week and will be seeing the doctor again on Monday to discuss the findings. However, she is 90 percent sure that it is not malignant. I did receive the go ahead to begin treatment for my autoimmune disease, as my body is breaking down very fast.

On a positive note:

As you all know, I have been attending the University of Metaphysics since 2007. Despite my diagnosis, a greater power has been guiding me to study, and it has been the best medicine.

It is with great pride that I officially announce that I have completed my studies and am now Dr. Beverly L. Boyarsky, Msc.D. I will be attending my graduation ceremony this fall in Sedona, Arizona. Thanks be to God!

I received a personal phone call two days ago from one of my advisors, congratulating me on my accomplishments. She told me that 'I am an inspiration to everyone at the University!' I have been floating on air ever since!

My goal to be a Metaphysician has been reached. People have started to address me as Dr. Boyarsky, and wow...does that sound and feel fantastic!!!American Metaphysical Doctors Association's newest member!

Once my health is back on track, I will begin my new journey as a Metaphysician and Spiritual Healer to counsel others who are either chronically or terminally ill. I want to offer healing for the "whole” person. In other words, mind, body and soul healing are the fundamental principles that I believe and practice.

It is important to remember that if you put your mind towards a specific goal...anything is possible. I am living proof that nothing can stop you...nothing. It doesn't matter if the odds are stacked against you. A positive approach to life, or to any situation, can and 'will' result in a positive outcome.

'Blessings come in many forms and when we least expect them. We must remain open to the possibilities.'-Rev Bev'ism

To back-track a bit, Goldie and I attended training classes this winter to work on some weaknesses and to strengthen our bond and trust. She is the most amazing golden retriever, and the love I feel for her is beyond words. I try to take her for long walks whenever my health allows. But she especially enjoys a ride in the convertible and a play date with her BFF Oakley!

Sally and I had the greatest time in NYC a few months ago. We attended the Wendy Williams Show...what a hoot! That woman is hysterically funny!

We also caught my all time favorite actress, Valerie Harper, in her Broadway play entitled "Looped." Valerie was just nominated for a Tony for her role...she just blew me away!Sally and I walked around the city for a few hours prior to the show, and even stopped by the M&M store where we met a few of the characters. It felt great to act like a kid, even for just a few moments!My family got together to celebrate my birthday and Passover in NJ this year. My brother Scott and I conducted the seder together. That truly warmed my heart! But as soon as we started to read, a bluejay landed on the porch and began screeching. Hmmm...who do you think that was? (Guess he approved!!!)Conducting the Boyarsky seder!

Speaking of bluejays...we set up a bird house right outside our bedroom window. Now anytime we are lying in bed, we can observe the bluejays and cardinals while they enjoy a light snack! The scene outside the window looked picture perfect when the wisteria were in bloom.

Besides the neighborhood birds, our feeder has been the local eatery for another one of God's creatures. Can you imagine my reaction when I opened the blinds and saw this face staring back at me?!!
Over the last few months, quite a number of people have passed from this earth and into God's arms. I want to once again offer my condolences to Ceil, Walter and Heidi on their loss. May you hold the memory of your loved ones close to your heart forever.

Just four weeks ago, my best friend from college, Sharon, suddenly lost her husband. Frank F. Fincken III was quite the character. You never knew if he was kidding around or serious...but he had a heart of gold.

When Sharon originally told me about Frank, back in the 80s, I asked her if his dad was a teacher. Low and behold, Frank's dad taught in my junior high school and had befriended me even though he was never my teacher. Talk about a small world!

Their love was the real thing. They got to travel...and enjoy their furbabies and especially bird watching. I am thankful that they both attended our commitment ceremony two years ago, and spent a few days with us the following summer.

Frankie...please watch over Sharon. Her heart is broken, but she is a strong woman. She has many friends and family members by her side so she isn't alone.Frank F. Fincken III 11/29/57-5/5/10

Rest in peace, my friend. Until we meet again.

While I was in NJ last month, I met up with a few former classmates from the Clifton High School Class of 1976. Wow...did we laugh...and laugh...and laugh. The stories we shared were priceless.

Thank you Rich F., Rich C., Brian, Ray and Meryl for a memorable evening at Mario's. Over thirty years have passed, but true friends will be there forever. Thank you...I truly needed to get away...even if it was just a few hours!(L-R) Ray, Meryl, Brian, Rich F., Dr. B and Rich C.

The school year is winding down for our son, Jarrett. I cannot believe he is finishing his junior year! He attended his Junior Prom and will be performing in the high school talent show next week. I am so very proud of him!Brianna and Jarrett--good friends attended NBHS Jr. Prom

Well, I think I will end here. The day is moving ahead and I have lots to do.

Thank you for your patience and love during this absence. I promise not to wait so long for my next post.

Please keep me in your prayers as I begin chemotherapy. I will get over this obstacle...for God is with me.

May God bless you and keep you, until next time!

'Never give up on your dream. Take each day one minute at a time. Walk straight ahead with one foot in front of the next, with your head high in the air. And before you know will have reached your destiny.'-Rev Bev'ism

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