Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Chilly December Day

As I sit at my computer, I hear the familiar honking sound of geese flying overhead. Each morning and again in the early evening, a large flock of Canadian geese take the same route over our house as part of their daily ritual.

Besides the geese, there are usually two to three seagulls that also hang around, but today they are nowhere in site. It is extremely gray and there is a definite chill in the air. Heavy rain is in the forecast, so I think it is best to stay put.

I have been fighting a horrible upper respiratory infection for several weeks, and I plan on winning this one! Unfortunately, this time of year I am supposed to avoid contact with all forms of human life. But that just isn't possible. I made a promise to myself not to "kiss" anyone and try to avoid people with colds or ill-health. I will make a conscientious effort to do the right thing.

My heart is heavy today...and it is honestly affecting me. My good friend lost his Dad on Friday and today is his funeral. With all my heart, I wanted to be there, but my health will not allow it.

Frank F. Fincken Jr. was a teacher in the Clifton school system in New Jersey while I was growing up. He had a fantastic sense of humor and because he also was in charge of the AV/Media Dept., like my Dad was in the New Milford school system, we immediately connected. I never had him as a teacher personally, but I always knew Mr. F was there if I ever needed someone to talk to.

Little did I know that, years later, my best friend from college would marry Mr. Fincken's son, Frank III! It truly is a small world.

My deepest condolences to the Fincken family...keep the wonderful memories you have shared together as a family close to your heart.

Aside from my cold, I haven't felt quite right since the Reclast infusion. At times, my legs and arms just don't work. It doesn't matter if I am lying in bed or driving the car...they have a mind of their own. I get a sharp pain in the joints and bam...they go limp.

Luckily, this reaction doesn't happen at the same time. It is usually either the arms OR legs, not both. Thank goodness for small favors, eh?

I had my regular visit with my rheumy yesterday, and he didn't seem too concerned at the moment. Last month's bloodwork was status quo, but he doesn't know if my pain and symptoms are a result of my disease process or an after-effect of the Reclast. He ran several more tests, so we will wait for the results.

In the meantime, I was given a script to start physical therapy as soon as I can set it up. I need the motivation to begin exercising again, and this is the ticket!

Honestly, my life just seems to be in limbo right now. I can't say I am depressed, just not really happy. I am sort of "stuck" right now. I am not even motivated to continue with my schooling, but I must. I am so close to completion that stopping now would be just plain dumb.

I did receive notification several weeks ago that the UOM thesis review committee has granted me a Master's degree in Metaphysical Science. It took so many months to write my thesis entitled, "REINCARNATION: A JOURNEY OF ONE’S SOUL." I am so proud of myself and know, deep in my heart, that I can finish my doctoral dissertation if I set my mind to it.

Over the last few weeks, I have been part of many wonderful celebrations. My great aunt Bert turned 90, and my mom had an intimate party for her at a local restaurant in New Jersey. Friends, family and former colleagues filled the afternoon with stories and laughter.

(Pictured: Aunt Bert; My beautiful Mom Bernie and Great Aunt Bert)

Sally and I hosted 11 people for dinner at our home for Thanksgiving this year. It was only the second time that I personally cooked for this holiday, and it truly was spectacular. Loving friends and family, great food and lots of live music!!!
The turkey came out of the oven picture perfect, but it was a lot of work. I proved, once again, that despite my illness...I can overcome!!!

(Pictured: Yes that's me as the chef with my perfect bird!; A proud aunt with my handsome godson Craig.)

I had the blessed opportunity to attend an all day Reiki workshop. Since I am striving to become a true natural healer, this was another chance to fulfill another item on my list.

Becoming attuned to the Usui system of natural healing in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition was an extremely spiritual experience. I pray that I am given many opportunities to share my new knowledge with patients in need.

Until next time...Namaste'!

"The light in me honors the light in you."


Blogger Sharon said...

Thank you for the kind words my dear friend. this is why Frank and I love you.
Hope you are 100% soon and ready to battle for the mini-golf trophy.
My love to you and Sally and Jarrett.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Donnetta Lee said...

Hello, Bev: I'm also battling the really bad "cold." Good news is that I can retire June 1st and not have to work in public schools any more! Not that I haven't enjoyed much of it, but my health just isn't what it should be to work in that environment any longer. This is my 3rd cold in the span of 4 months and I am tired of it!!

So sorry to hear about your friend's dad. I hope his path lead him to many good things.

I would love to read your thesis sometime.

Get well. D

7:29 PM  
Anonymous FFF3 said...

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts regarding my Dad. I know you would have been there mobility permitting. Had you come, you would have had the opportunity to speak with probably every teacher you did have at Woodrow. All they had to do was call the roll and they could have had an NJEA meeting.

11:57 PM  

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