Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for the kids on Long Island. I can hear the sound of the yellow school buses driving past the house. It brings back mixed emotions for me, both happy and sad. Our son Jarrett did get up and out on time...and headed out to the high school to begin his sophomore year! WOW!

Summer is "un"officially over! But we had another great one! Jarrett spent eight weeks, on and off, at three different camp sessions. But it is nice to have him back home with us!
Sally, Jarrett & I enjoying the last days of August!

Right now I am sitting here "drinking" my Readi-Cat, preparing for today's abdominal CT scan. I am forcing myself to finish the 450 ml container of barium sulfate suspension, knowing that in two minutes I have to drink another one. Ugh.

My gastro, Dr. Kongara, is not sure why I am having so much discomfort in my upper abdomen. But she did say that many women who have been on large doses of prednisone sometimes never lose the fat pads in that area. Figures, right?

I have lost inches over much of my body, but the stomach just won't change. However, if that is the only area that was affected by the prednisone, I can deal. She has scheduled me for an upper endoscopy towards the end of October. The reason being is that the scope usually affects my voice, and with all of my upcoming gigs, I can't take that chance.

I also ventured into NYC to see Dr. Spiera for my quarterly visit. He is concerned with the amount of pain I am experiencing in both hips, so an x-ray of my hips is being ordered. He felt it could be bursitis , which is the inflammation of bursae sacs of synovial fluid. These sacs rest at the points where muscles and tendons slide across the bone.

However, he felt strongly that we need to rule out Avascular Necrosis. AVN is a bone and vascular disease, referred to as 'bone cell death.' It is caused by a diminished blood flow to the bone. Prolonged use of steroids is often the culprit, and it can only be detected on an MRI. BUT, I cannot get an MRI until I have an x-ray. (Ya know those freakin' insurance companies!!!)

Dr. Spiera also thought it is time for a new chest x-ray to rule out any underlying issues, including...believe it or not...TB. Now...that blew me away, but I guess since I am immunosuppressed, we have to cover all bases. I have been experiencing increased night sweats and no sleep.

Other than that...I am fine!!! LOL (I've got to have a sense of humor about all this, right?)

Emotionally, I am getting myself in check...and am optimistic that things will be okay. I guess it is normal for the mind to play tricks at times, especially when life is so uncertain at times. Despite the constant pain I am in, I know that the docs are trying their best to help me...and I must continue to help myself.

I have signed up for a Friday morning yoga class, which begins this week, and I am continuing to swim and walk on a regular long as the weather permits here on the east coast!!!

Sally took a few days off here and there so that we could spend a little time together before the crazy days of September begin. One day we drove out east, on the north fork, to Greenport.

We passed at least a dozen local wineries along the route, and I could not believe the size of the grapes! Sally and I promised each other that we would make another trip out east, specifically to one or two of the wineries, when they are making ice wine. Ice wine is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. The bottles are small and rather costly, but well worth it! Yummmm!

As we approached the outskirts of town, I saw a sign for the Horton Point Lighthouse. Of course I had to see it, as I am trying to see ALL the lighthouses I can! The view from the Point was absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad we detoured a bit!

We walked around the town and saw the old carousel, as well as a brand new sculpture on the pier. It is entitled "Morning Call" -- a bronze sculpture of an ospry alighting upon a perch fashioned from beams of The World Trade Center disaster on 9/11/01.
"Morning Call"
Created by Roberto Julio Bessin

We ended our day with a lobster lunch at Claudio's! A little piece of heaven!!! Ahhhh! Sal and I outside of Claudio's, on the Greenport dock
My longtime college buddy, Sharon, drove down from NJ with her hubby Frank to spend a few days with us right before Labor Day. I still cannot believe we have been friends for 32 years!

We had a wonderful few days together...catching up on old stories from our Montclair State days!

Being former physical ed majors, we were always extremely athletic and competitive. We both realized, rather quickly, how competitive we still are...even at the ripe age of fifty! You should have seen us playing table tennis! You would have thought that a million dollars was at stake!!!

Now...believe it or not, Sharon and Frank showed up with a trophy, already inscribed with "The Boyarsky-Fincken Mini Golf Tournament." They challenged us to a game, loser buys ice cream. Needless to say, we lost...but not by much. I painstakingly gave over the trophy...but we vowed to win it back soon!

I really enjoyed playing catch up with my dear friend, and it was wonderful hearing all of the old Panzer stories. For those of you who don't know what Panzer is...Panzer Gymnasium was dedicated to a Swiss-born gymnast, Henry Panzer, in 1958. It was at this time that the Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene of East Orange merged with Montclair State College.

Panzer College was the last of the private, single-purpose schools and colleges preparing teachers of physical education and health in the United States. Because Montclair State College was then considering the development of a physical education major, the timing for a merger was perfect.

This historic event was engineered by Dr. E. DeAlton Partridge, president of Montclair State College, Dr. Margaret C. Brown, president of Panzer College, and the Panzer College of Trustees, with the approval of the State Board of Education.

Brown Lounge, named of course after Dr. Brown, was where we spent our free time in between classes. In fact, I received a leadership award my senior year and the plaque was placed on the wall of the lounge back in 1980!

I have forgotton almost all of my college years...due to my disease process. Little by little, as Sharon told us the stories, I got a few flashbacks. I was quite the character back then!!! (I guess I still am!!!)

I can't wait for our September 20th gig at Montclair State's Centennial Celebration. It is going to be AMAZING!

Labor Day Weekend was nice and quiet for us this year. My band had a private gig in Queens on Sunday, and it was wonderful. My Mom drove out here for a few days, and I was so glad she could be there to hear me sing. And my cousin Carol came out from NYC on Monday to hang out at the pool.

I actually have had no voice since my gig, so this afternoon I am seeing my ENT. I think it was a combination of things...allergies, vocal strain, etc. We'll see what he thinks!

Gotta go for my CT scan now! Until next time!
God bless!


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