Friday, July 18, 2008

A Scorcher--Dog Days of Summer!

The temperatures are rising today! We are in the middle of a heatwave, but that is fine with me!
I love the summer. The grass is a beautiful shade of green, all the leaves on the trees are in full bloom, and the vegetable garden is beginning to share the fruit of its bounty with us!
Walking in our backyard is paradise for me. In the early morning, the pool glistens from the early sun and the grass is damp from the dew. You can smell, see and hear Mother Nature at her best...with the blue jays, cardinals, monarch butterflies, etc.
At night, I can catch a hint of salt air while I sit on the swing under the maple tree, watching the stars dance above. Ahhh...isn't life wonderful?
Only two more days until we leave for our trip, but I wish I felt better. I actually had an appointment with my primary yesterday regarding how I have been feeling.
He was concerned that my discomfort could be cardiac related, but most likely it is the gastritis acting up again. It seems that whenever I have my treatment, the gastric juices get angry. I will contact my gastro and see what she wants to do.
As far as the knee and hip pains, I got the name of a really good I will make an appointment as soon as we get back. He doesn't want me to use a leg brace because it can cause blood clots to form. We don't want that now, do we?
Took a ride to the Fire Island Lighthouse this week, and spoke to a few people about my band to see if we can play at their car show in September. One of the VP's is going to stop by our show on Saturday to check us out and make a decision. It would be awesome if would could play at Field 5 for the car show. What is better than gigging at the water next to the lighthouse? NOTHING!
Tomorrow night we have our gig in Queens, and I am trying to arrange another gig at a private swim club in Bayside for Labor Day weekend. We had a blast last year, and I hope it all works out again.
On another note, my two furry kids...Goldie and Dylan...don't seem to mind the heat lately, but they both have no interest in swimming. When we go down to the lake, Goldie walks right in. But I tried to coax her into the pool, and she runs away.

Honestly, I pulled her in the other day and she freaked out. And yesterday her back legs accidentially fell into the pool and she froze. She was walking too close to waters edge, but I got her just in time. I thought goldens were supposed to love the water??? Strange one, huh?
Jarrett came home on Wednesday for a few days, and I spent hours washing his dirty laundry and repacking. It wasn't too, too bad. He heads back to camp tomorrow. He has grown so much taller in just three weeks. We are just about eye-to-eye!
I cannot believe he is turning 15 on Tuesday! 15!! We took him out for Chinese food last night to celebrate...per his request!
Well, gonna run. I have a few errands to do before we leave on our trip. And we are planning on catching a free concert at the beach this evening...Strawberry Fields. They are supposed to sound and look just like the Beatles. I can't wait!
Will fill you all in upon my return from vacation. Until then, God bless!


Blogger Lovely's Blot said...

have a great trip wherever it is you are going!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous larry selbiger said...

Hey Bev... thanks for the blogs... you write really well.
I hope you feel better for your trip! I can't believe how difficult life must be for you. I wish you lots of love & light!!! Hope we get to see each other sometime soon.


PS I finally have a web site:
you can see what I've been up to for the last 20 years or so...

11:01 AM  

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