Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11: Part II

Okay. Let me begin where I left off at 3 in the morning. I am a bit more awake now!! LOL

I had an appointment with Dr. Rumore on the 23rd, and he was pleased with my progress since the Rituxan. However, he was just as baffled as me regarding the speed in which my health spiraled out of control.

My bloodwork was all within normal range, so there is no medical explanation as to why I became so ill so quickly. At this point I have to pay extra special attention to the signs and symptoms. He hopes that I can go over a year without another chemo treatment. We'll just wait and see.

Our little Goldie came home from training school. Wow, did I miss her like crazy! She has been totally transformed into a service dog.

Goldie came into the house with her little red vest...and had the largest smile on her face! The trainers went through all of her assignments and skills. Quite an impressive list! When the phone rings, she can answer it. She can fetch the remote, my keys, utensils, a bottle of water out of the refrigerator...just to name a few.
If I ask her to brace, she puts her body across my knees so I can get out of bed, out of a chair or out of the shower. Cool stuff!

Needless to say she collapsed as soon as she went into her bed. Poor little baby...she worked so hard! But she is home. Hooray!
Jarrett left for his first session of camp, so Sal and I have had some alone time. Well, sort of! We are keeping so busy that we actually haven't been alone too much. Between hanging with friends and life in general, we are still very busy. But we are leaving for our honeymoon next weekend...which will be wonderful!
I have been trying to get into a somewhat normal routine, but I seem to have hit some glitches along the way. I started playing tennis two days a week at the town's summer recreation program. I had made a promise to myself that if I get stronger, I will try and play again. I signed up for a class specifically for intermediate players, but most are not quite at that level. I am doing well, but my right knee and both hips are very much inflammed. I am not sure if it is the disease process, a result of taking prednisone or my age. I will find an orthopedic doc and see what he/she says. In the meantime, I will rest up for a few weeks, and try tennis again when we get back from our trip.
The band has been doing well. We had an outdoor gig at a church festival that was successful. I really rocked out that really gives me a natural high. I am so excited about playing at Montclair State's Centennial Celebration in September. Having my NJ family and friends in the audience will be awesome!
Over the last few weeks, several people close to me have gone thru illnesses and surgeries. Prayer is very powerful...and I am happy to report that Ceil is fully recuperating and looks amazing. And Frank is getting back to good health. Unfortunately, his dad got some upsetting news...and I will continue to put him in my prayers.
We celebrated Independence Day at a local town park this year with Pat and Dawn. We were treated to a free Beach Boys Concert and watched the Jones Beach Fireworks from the waters edge. Despite the wonderful day, I kept thinking of our brave men and women who are still fighting for our freedom each and every day. God bless them all.
It was also our friend Julie's birthday, and she was supposed to have a beach party but the weather did not cooperate. So instead we packed up the pups, yes both of them, and celebrated at her home. It was a lot of fun! Lots of great food and fantastic wine!
Mom and Nancy drove out here on Wednesday, and we had a great day. We hung out by the pool, drove down to Fire Island National Seashore and had dinner at Pier 44. We ended the evening with a Frank Valli concert at Westbury. That man can still sing. Wow! The music brought back some great old memories for me. Ahhh...the good old days!!!
Well, that's enough for now...I think! I am looking forward to this weekend when Sal and I can enjoy the summer together. And I am especially excited about our trip to Provincetown next weekend. It has been too long since we got away.
Watch out Massachusetts. The Boyarsky's are heading on up!!!


Blogger Lovely's Blot said... to your blog through a post on the MTCD website. Its great and I must read it more thoroughly! I also turned to blogging after being diagnosed with MCTD. Fortunately so far my disease is under control with immunosupressants and I have not become disabled although I am well aware that may happen one day! Will add you to my blogroll!

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