Monday, June 09, 2008

A Proud Day

Baby, it's HOT outside!
We are in the middle of a heatwave, and it is only the beginning of June! But, I am not complaining!
I had a very busy weekend, and am now mentally preparing myself for Thursday's second dose--LAST DOSE--of chemo. I know that I will get through it, as I always do. But there is always a small part of me that is scared out of my mind.
I guess its just the process of sitting around, hour after hour, having this dangerous drug flowing through my veins. And the nurses are on me, like "white on rice," checking vitals every 15 minutes.
Since I had a negative reaction at one particular point two weeks ago, it was noted in my chart for this week. The infusion is given at various rates, but once a specific point is reached...I have to make sure they stay put.
Just as an FYI: Rituxan decreases the B cells, but it also increases the body's susceptibility to infection. Two weeks ago my reactions were minor. Hopefully this time, it will even be less.
Thanks to God, I had a great weekend, overall. We helped Barb and Monique with their moving sale on Saturday. I basically was handed cash! (Not a bad job!)
And yesterday, we celebrated Long Island Pride at the parade in Huntington. Because of the scorching temps, the attendance was much lower than in previous years. But, it was still a glorious day.

My honey and I celebrating 2008 LI Pride!

Sal and I drove two teens and one adult from The Center/LIGALY (Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth) in our convertible down Main Street. There is nothing like hearing the crowed screaming and clapping when you are driving in the parade. I had some great dance tunes blasting through my speakers, and we were singing and waving! What a blast!
The kids were so touched that we offered our car. One young teen, in particular, thanked me and said that we were the coolest! She actually invited us to come down to LIGALY one Friday evening to their dance club and join them for a fun evening. That was sooooo awesome! (I always knew we were the greatest Moms!)
When we got into the park, we sat under a shady tree and enjoyed the entertainment. Disco superstar Maxine Nightingale headlined the show, and as soon as she got up on stage and started singing, I bolted out of my seat and took tons of shots. What a voice! She's still got it after all of these years!
Our friends Ceil, Liv, Pat, Dawn, Barb, Monique, Karen, Jacky, Sheila and Ro hung out...and then a few of them came back to the house for a barbecue and swim. But, as soon as we were in the pool, the skies opened up and put on quite a lightshow. Yep...lightening. That wasn't good!! LOL

Barb, Mo, Karen, Jacky, Sheila, Dawn, Pat & Sal in the park!

On the car-ride home from the parade yesterday was one of the best days of my life with my family. We had the top down and "Black Horse & A Cherry Tree" was blasting out of my speakers. All of a sudden, in unison, Sal, Jarrett and I started to sing our hearts out...laughing and dancing in our seats. (yes, we had our seatbelts on!) What a blast! It was so much fun, that I kept hitting the repeat button all the way home! People in the cars next to us must have thought we were nuts. But who cares?

It's the little experiences in life that can have the most meaning.

Isn't life wonderful?


Anonymous al said...

I see the universe hasn't lost its sense of the ironic. Maxine Nightengale..."Right Back Where We Started"??

Well, show it what your made of and get "right back" to where you started before illness and treatment, ok?


8:28 AM  
Blogger lassie said...

i am glad to see you are doing well. I am finally on level ground with my mctd and off of the prednisone 2 days, i feel better. thank you for sharing your story it makes me feel i'm not alone.

7:41 PM  

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