Saturday, May 03, 2008

Understanding The Mind

My body appears to be slowing down. Little by little, I see the subtle changes taking place. With each step, it takes more effort to move one leg in front of the other.

I can feel my joints and muscles as they try to do the most simplest of tasks. The rubbing of my hip muscles as I climb up the stairs, the twinge in my knees, the sharp pain that goes right thru me...all signs that my body is starting to break down again.

Mentally, I am ready for whatever needs to be done to get me back on the right track again. My next blood test is in two weeks, so the docs can have a definitive look into what is actually going on in my body. Then in three weeks I am off to NYC to see Dr. Spiera. I will hold on tight until then.

On Thursday I went out to Patchogue for my second NeuroTrax. This test is specifically for early detection of cognitive impairment in clinical practice.

Cognitive health is a term that refers to the wellness of brain function. While the ability to perform normal activities of daily living is usually taken for granted, it depends on complex brain function. Different parts of the brain interact to result in our ability to think, remember, read a map, and perform the effortless movements and thoughts that define who we are

I should have the baseline results in a few weeks, but the final results can take up to six months. I made an appointment with my neurologist for the first week in October. Time will tell.

I am continuing on with my metaphysical studies, and am truly fascinated every time I turn a page in my book. I just concluded the section on "The Metaphysical Psychology of Consciousness." In order to keep pace with this ever-changing world, one must truly learn to understand one's consciousness. In metaphyics today, it has been said that "The examined life is far more worth living." How true that is!

Yesterday's lesson was entitled "Yoga and the Mind," and I was fortunate to find out that the Eyes of Learning, (a local metaphysical study group) was holding a lecture on "Our Mind and How to Control It."

You know that it was no mere coincidence that my studies and this lecture were on the same day, right?

My friend Dawn accompanied me to the lecture which was presented by Swami Mokshapriya Shakti, PhD. She is affiliated with the Yogashakti Yoga Center in Richmond Hill, Queens.

"Mokshapriya" has been a spiritual guide and yoga teacher for over 35 years, and was ordained in India as a Swami. She talked about the various methods one can control and gain power over one's mind. It is important to first understand how the mind works so that we can learn to control it through various practices.

She ended the program with a deep breathing meditation. Towards the end of the meditation, I had another "out of body" experience, where I actually could not catch my breath. This is the second time I was in a group meditation where I seemed to "pass" to the other side. I was actually startled, but brought myself back into reality. I cannot explain why this keeps happening, but I know that everything I experience is for a reason.

The evening's lecture and the day's classwork was my first real introduction to the concept of yoga. The literal translation of Yoga is "Union with God" or the "absolute state of consciousness."
Generally, there are seven psychic centers or chakras. They are located at the base of the spine, naval area, spleen, central upper body adjacent to the physical heart, the throat, middle of the forehead, and the entire scalp area.

Each chakra relates to certain stages of consciousness. Thus by more fully activating each chakra, the mind grows in awareness.

The basic idea is that this psychic center/chakra, and what is referred to as "kundalini" or life force, is released from the base of the spine and travels upward through the center of the spine. At that point it activates a psychic nerve flow along the outside of the spine in a feminine/masculine surge of psychic energy.

As this life force rises up, it activates each chakra into greater activity, bringing a new level of awareness to the human mind. For most people, this activation takes place one center at a time. But activation of all centers may be experienced all at once...bringing total mental enlightenment to the one having the experience.

This has opened up a brand new world to me...and I am interested in learning much more about each of the major yoga systems, including Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja Yoga. Between my studies, I will research several yoga centers to find out what is best suited for my life.

Until next time...God bless!


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