Tuesday, May 27, 2008

God is Good

The long Memorial Day weekend is over.

It has been a tough few days for me, but the dreaded predisone helped a great deal. However last night it truly took hold of me and literally took my breath away. I felt a horrible tightness all around my midsection, and it was a struggle to take a full breath.

When I spoke to the doctor's office on Friday, there were no guarantees that I would be able to get the chemo treatment this week...despite the fact that my health is spiraling very fast.

When I woke up this morning I had hoped that I would hear from the doctor's office, but in my heart I knew that it wouldn't happen that fast. Especially since the pharmaceutical company is located in California, and there is a three hour time difference.

I decided to read the paper for a bit, and when I looked at my horoscope it said, "There's no limit for what you can achieve today. Let your senses go wild and experiment with your ideas."

Just then the phone rang. No, it wasn't the doctor's office, it was a Newsday reporter! She had heard about me from another reporter that was publishing our wedding announcement. (BTW...our announcement will appear in Newsday this Sunday, June 1st! Be sure to look out for it!)

Anyway, she is the editor of Newsday's "Ask the Clergy" section in the weekend's paper, and wondered if I'd like to participate! I explained that I am a newly ordained minister without a "church" at present, but she didn't care! She was impressed with the little bit of background I told her, and she thought I was quite an eloquent speaker. So, I will be writing a small piece for her, which will be published on June 28th. Cool, eh?

Feeling all charged up after that call, I took my chances and called Dr. Rumore's office manager a few minutes later. She promised to call me back in a few minutes.

Within five minutes the phone rang and she said, "Are you free tomorrow?"

Believe it or not, Genetech approved the treatment over the long weekend, and the Rituxan is sitting in Dr. Rumore's office as I am writing this!

I will have my treatment tomorrow morning at 9 am!

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who sent me prayers and good wishes over the last few days. They have been answered.

And a special thank you to Dr. Rumore and his staff, and especially to Genetech Pharmaceutical Company.

I will try and get some rest tonight, and be ready 1000 percent for the chemo treatment in the morning.

God is good...ALL THE TIME!


Anonymous Danny said...

It pays to believe in the power of God. You have it in your heart and in the things that you do for others. What goes around, comes around! How many cliques can I use in one comment! Take care, we all love and want to see you get better soon.


6:57 PM  
Anonymous kathy sullivan said...

Sometimes life doesn't give us what you expect, but it does bring us what we need. But it may take time to realize what we need.
You have the strength and the spirituality to battle back again. We're with you -- I'm sending our thoughts and prayers to you...I hope you feel them.
Stay strong.
Kathy & Kim

8:55 PM  
Blogger Kimberly Snover said...

Hi Beverly!! I just started a blog. Looks like we have a lot in common. I'm a Celtic musician, have connective tissue disease, and love the arts. Used to live in NY, but now I'm is So Cal.

I know what it's like to hurt, to not be able to get out of bed but have to because the 3 yo need breakfast. I know. i hope you get better soo and it goes into remission. Keep the stress low, girl. Love others. Love, Kim

8:50 PM  

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