Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Goldie Returns Home, For Now!

I received an interesting phone call from the training facility where Little Goldie has been going to school for the last month. They explained that her brain is full and she is exhausted. So, they have to bring her home for a few weeks to get some much needed rest.

I printed a "Welcome Home" sign and posted it on our front door!

When Kimberly, the trainer, pulled in front of the house, I ran to the front door. Would she remember me after being away for a month? Did she grow?

Our ball of fur ran so fast thru the front door that no one had a chance to exchange hello's! But within seconds, we all witnessed her total transformation.

This hyper pup was now a well-behaved young lady. She is in control of the basic commands such as heel, sit (with implied stay), come, place, off and leave it. In addition, she is being trained as a service dog so she is familiar with fetch, give and paws up.
The trainer explained that she can walk off leash and that she had her walking in the mall. Because she is now a trained service dog, I am able to take her everywhere with me. In fact, the owner of the training school has ordered Goldie her very own service vest!
I understand that Goldie will test me for the next several weeks, but I promise to be patient yet stern. And I also understand that she had to come home for a month in order for her to reach her full potential. Goldie will return to Best Friend's Dog Training as soon as she is fully rested to complete her service dog training.

I am so very proud!


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