Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where Did the Day Go?

I have been busy scrambling to get the "little" things done before our big day. The photo montage is taking me a lot longer than expected. I guess it is that "perfectionist" inside of me!

We had some serious issues with our electricity over the last few days, and the electrician finally showed up today to investigate. Two hours and over $300.00 later, nothing was resolved. Our electrical panel has power, but certain sections of the house are without total power.

A few hours after the first electrician left, I received a call that another one was on his way. Within five minutes, he figured out the problem. One of the electrical outlets in the master bedroom had shorted...so bad that it had melted. He told me that if the second wire had caught fire, instead of the first one, that we would have lost our home.

God is definitely watching over us.

I received a great piece of news last week from my rheumy in NYC. Dr. Spiera said, "You are in total remission!" TOTAL REMISSION! Hallalujah! He feels that I should try to live a normal life for as long as I am able. However, if at any time I feel weak, I must contact his office and schedule another chemotherapy treatment.

It has been 8 months since my last Rituxan treatment, and both docs feel that I can go at least one year, possibly two. Wouldn't that be wonderful? A true blessing!

Speaking of blessings...I received a letter from the International Metaphysical Ministry 'congratulating me on passing my Minister course study exams.'

The next step was to take my vows, which I did with my family by my side. In a few weeks all of the legal paperwork should arrive so that I can register at City Hall to become a marriage officiant in New York. In the meantime, I am continuing my studies towards the doctoral degree.

Lots going on--the clock is ticking away. This month will fly by...so I need to S-L-O-W the pace down a notch.

Breathe in...hold it...release. Repeat.



Blogger Aviva said...

Congratulations on your remission! That's so wonderful -- I can only imagine how amazing that must be for you. :) So I probably just need to dig farther into your blog to learn more about mixed connective tissue disease and how that's different from undifferentiated connective tissue. I'm still so new to all this that I learn something new every day.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog, and I'm happy to find another person who has learned to cope with the debilitating problems I'm still new to (although it's been almost a year now since I got sick).

10:49 AM  

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