Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring: A Time For New Beginnings

It's spring. Time for new beginnings.

The bulbs are starting to peek from under the thawed earth. A full moon fills the evening sky. It is the time of year to start anew--a rebirth of sorts.

Life is extremely hectic, but you must remember to take a step back and breathe. Take in all the sights of this new season. Let the rays of the sun shine brightly upon your face. Just close your can do it!

Less than two weeks and counting until the big day. The nerves are beginning to set in with all of the pressure, but I must heed my own advice. Overall, I feel pretty good. I do find myself tiring by mid-day lately, but I have made a conscious decision to try and retire a bit earlier each evening.

Little Goldie is off to "boarding school" for three weeks. She left last Thursday, and let me tell was an emotional time. Right before she was picked up, Dylan and I spent some quality time with her. I even sat her down and explained why she was leaving for awhile...I guess it was to reassure myself that all was for the best.
Besides reinforcing basic obedience, the trainers are working with her to become a service dog. In reality I know in my heart that my remission status could change at any time, and I need all the assistance I can get. Goldie will walk off leash at all times, learn to hold, pick up and walk besides a wheelchair.
I miss her like crazy. But in a few weeks, my little girl will be home with us and able to lead a much more productive life with us.

Goldie leaving for boarding/training school

This weekend I went for my annual reading. With all the craziness surrounding my life, I wanted to seek out answers to many unanswered questions.

After meeting Daniel a few weeks ago at the metaphysics meeting, I knew I could only see him. It was an amazing experience--one that truly reinforced my strong drive to serve God.

I promise to share some of the highlights in my next blog update. But for now, remember to take a moment for yourself. You deserve it!


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