Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Reading, The Truth

The sun is shining through the blinds in my office...softly brushing its warmth upon my face. It is still quite early, but I am up and writing.

So many things have been running through my mind since Friday's reading with Daniel. I have been trying to digest it all!

What an amazing human being. So gifted. He confirmed so much of what has been unending questions in my mind. He also brought closure to an issue that has been haunting me for three years.

My reading was done on the first full day of spring, during a full storm moon. The sun was in Aries, moon in Libra.

The universe unfolded in front of me...as it knew what needed to be said.

The vibe said I know myself like never before. And others recognize it and will become catalysts for me in my work.

The energy vibe challenge has been helping me to grow. I will prove to be unstoppable. While others around me are changing, I must remove/weed out certain toxicity from my life. This will ultimately represent great strenghth as I dynamically move forward.

For quite sometime, I have been in suspended animation...evolving at such a rapid rate. As I get older, I continue elevating...moving closer to the devine. This is what is connecting to inspire me.

Awesome, hmmm? And that was just the beginning.

Daniel said, 'It is always darkest just before dawn.' My challenge is now.

I seem to have a lot of past life energy...I am an old spirit ship. Each day I connect with something different, some other time. It inspires me...in the theatre of dreams, tapping in to octaves from other lives.

Most amazing is that he told me I am "Divinely inspired." This comes from a high metaphysical state. Guess I know why I am pursuing my doctoral degree in metaphysics!!!

He mentioned that quite often when "Dis-Ease enters in our life, it opens channels and doors." And he was correct!

Most astonishing is this statement...."As in heaven so on earth...my mind communicates to my body. From my soul, it is dealing with a great eclipse. This block has moved in front of the light. However, eclipes are temporary...my bright light that eminates, is blocked. We know it is not a permanent block. This disease is only a shadow that will keep moving, and if it returns, it will only be temporary again, just like an ecplise!"

Good validation, eh?

I must continue to orient myself to the future, for it is bright. The past no longer matters. I have navigated through this epic. Life is about healing and continually elevating.

God is truly with me. And just this small part of my reading that I shared with you proves that I am ultra connected to something metaphyscial.

A coincidence? I think not.


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