Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lisa's Run for Myositis

Last year, my friend Trish introduced me to an attractive, fit young woman named Lisa Korcz. Ms. Korcz has been working in the fitness industry most of her life, and was interested in hearing my band play.

After meeting her several times at various gigs and parties, we finally got to speak heart to heart, and I relayed the story of my illness. My story seemed to touch her deeply. There I was, a former athlete, now helpless because of an incurable muscle disease. Truth be told...it can happen to any one at any time!

There I was...a woman who once played professional tennis...played high school tennis and softball, and made my college softball team as a freshman...using a cane and/or wheelchair to move around.

There I was...dependent on others for my daily living. I couldn't drive, or dress, feed or bath myself.

There I was...a former bodybuilder who relied DAILY on her strength...both mentally and physically...and could no longer raise her hands above her head.

Lisa saw something in me that brought it "home" for her. She is also an extremely athletic woman who could never imagine being "struck" with a debilitating, incurable muscle disease.

A few months ago, Lisa approached me and stated that she wanted to help educate others about myositis, and raise money for research. After talking to a representative at The Myositis Association, we set up a page so that Lisa can reach her goal.

Lisa has taken on the challenge of running the Long Island Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New York...dedicating her run to The Myositis Association. All proceeds will go directly to TMA to help those, like myself, live longer, healthier lives.

Thank you Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, for dedicating your run to a very worthwhile cause. May God be with you as you train, and lead you through to the finish line.

If you'd like to make a donation or read more about Lisa's Run for Myositis on behalf of me, (for which I am truly humbled), please click the link below:


Thank you and God bless,

"Rev" Bev


Blogger lassie said...

thank you for your story, we are so much alike we could be sisters. i too was diagnosed with mctd in july 2007, i also believe i have this mctd for a reason, why i'm not sure, i'm waiting on god to tell me. i am so glad to find someone else with what i have, you are the only person i know of besides me that has mctd. reading what you've been through, helps me know i can make it and i'm not alone. i have tried to keep a positive atitude, but it's hard sometimes. i will not let this thing beat me or keep me down. thank you for the rainbow bridge, i had to put my sheltie to sleep in july, lassie, was with me 13 years, and i miss him everyday. i am glad to know other people feel as strongly about their pet as i do. i can't wait to walk over that bridge with lassie by my side, he never let me down or left my side, he was always there. you have really touched me tonight, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. god bless you and what you are doing.

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