Sunday, March 09, 2008

Friday Night's New Experience

I recently read an article citing The Eyes of Learning, a Long Island-based metaphysical study group. Of course I had to check out this group since I am pursuing my doctoral degree in metaphysics!

The Eyes of Learning, which was founded in 1983, meets several times a month at Levittown Hall in Hicksville. Friday night's program was entitled "Meet the Psychics," so I did!

I called Noah earlier in the day to see if I could borrow his ark, just so that I could safely travel through the torrential downpour to my destination. Unfortunately, it was in the shop for minor repairs, so instead I hopped into my convertible, with the top up...silly! My soul sister, Dawn, took the ride with me...and it truly was an adventure trying to avoid the large potholes covered over with minor streams from the floods!

Upon arriving at our destination, we were informed that the large room that is normally used for meetings was taken by a local boy scout troop. Unfortunately we would have to fit like sardines, in a small room, and the program had to be changed.

Originally the workshop was advertised as a "get up close and personal" with the gifted readers. We were supposed to sit in small groups and ask questions. However, that was not feasible.

In the standing-room only workshop, three very different individuals spoke about their practices and evoked questions from the crowded room. Very few lucky participants received personal readings, but they were very informative.

There was one very uplifting time for me during the evening. A master psychic/artist/spirit communicator, Daniel Akner, was introduced to the group. Immediately you could feel the vibration in the room turn around.

He began my cleansing the air with three very specific aromatherapies, including pure orange extract. Daniel then proceeded by filling the room with light background music and asked us to meditate as he read something he specifically penned for that evening.

Within minutes, my body and mind were one with the universe. I felt so relaxed and at peace, and I didn't want the moment to end. I truly miss group meditations. Meditating individually is fine, but a group of minds meditating all at once is truly uplifting. The energy in the room is so electrifying.

Daniel shared some personal information about himself, as well as a selection of some of his paintings. There was something "special" about Daniel...a true metaphysical connection...but he read everyone around me, never making eye contact with me.

I so desperately wanted to ask him about my recent remission miracle, and about my new path into metaphysics. But the time was truly getting late, so I took his business card with the hopes of reaching out to him one on one. In the meantime, I am going to try to attend several future events where he will be speaking...including The Spring Festival For The Eyes of Learning on April 27th.

Daniel's knowledge of metaphysics, his use of crystals, aromatherapy, affirmations...are the direction I am heading at this time in my life. Perhaps he is someone that can work with me in achieving my goals as a metaphysicist and minister to those with chronic illnesses.

Time will tell. But for now, I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Daniel.

Until next time...Peace and love to you.


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