Sunday, March 30, 2008


The big 5-0! Half a century! Ten times five!

Fifty is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of two squares in two distinct ways: 50 = 12 + 72 = 52 + 52. It is also the sum of three squares, 50 = 32 + 42 + 52.

Fifty is the atomic number of tin, and the fifth magic number in physics.

And let's not forget there are fifty states in the good old USA!

Since my diagnosis three years ago, I honestly did not know if I would be around to celebrate this milestone birthday. But thanks to God, my doctors, my family and friends, I had a great day!

Sally, Jarrett, Mom and I hopped the train in Babylon to NYC on Friday afternoon, and I was treated to a night on the town. We had a wonderful dinner at Tony's Di Napoli Restaurant. Even Barbara showed up to celebrate with us!

The service was first-class, and the waiter serenaded me with an operatic Italian version of 'Happy Birthday!' It was one of the best eggplant parm dishes I ever tasted! (Even better than mine!)

The four of us proceeded to the Hilton Theatre to see the new Mel Brooks musical "Young Frankenstein." was soooo funny! And the pyrotechnics were amazing!

Then, on Saturday afternoon the celebration continued. A bunch of my closest friends surprised me at Milk and Sugar in Bay Shore. We had a wonderful lunch and the cake was to "die for!"

Our bridal party also surprised Sally and I with pre-wedding gifts...all Lenox pieces to use at the commitment ceremony. (Champagne glasses, knife, guest book, etc.) They are absolutely gorgeous!

Overall, I am one lucky many, many ways. And I will be eternally grateful that I was given the opportunity to celebrate another birthday.

I was given a second chance at life. I have achieved so much, and I promise to continue on...full speed ahead.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Reading, The Truth

The sun is shining through the blinds in my office...softly brushing its warmth upon my face. It is still quite early, but I am up and writing.

So many things have been running through my mind since Friday's reading with Daniel. I have been trying to digest it all!

What an amazing human being. So gifted. He confirmed so much of what has been unending questions in my mind. He also brought closure to an issue that has been haunting me for three years.

My reading was done on the first full day of spring, during a full storm moon. The sun was in Aries, moon in Libra.

The universe unfolded in front of it knew what needed to be said.

The vibe said I know myself like never before. And others recognize it and will become catalysts for me in my work.

The energy vibe challenge has been helping me to grow. I will prove to be unstoppable. While others around me are changing, I must remove/weed out certain toxicity from my life. This will ultimately represent great strenghth as I dynamically move forward.

For quite sometime, I have been in suspended animation...evolving at such a rapid rate. As I get older, I continue elevating...moving closer to the devine. This is what is connecting to inspire me.

Awesome, hmmm? And that was just the beginning.

Daniel said, 'It is always darkest just before dawn.' My challenge is now.

I seem to have a lot of past life energy...I am an old spirit ship. Each day I connect with something different, some other time. It inspires the theatre of dreams, tapping in to octaves from other lives.

Most amazing is that he told me I am "Divinely inspired." This comes from a high metaphysical state. Guess I know why I am pursuing my doctoral degree in metaphysics!!!

He mentioned that quite often when "Dis-Ease enters in our life, it opens channels and doors." And he was correct!

Most astonishing is this statement...."As in heaven so on mind communicates to my body. From my soul, it is dealing with a great eclipse. This block has moved in front of the light. However, eclipes are bright light that eminates, is blocked. We know it is not a permanent block. This disease is only a shadow that will keep moving, and if it returns, it will only be temporary again, just like an ecplise!"

Good validation, eh?

I must continue to orient myself to the future, for it is bright. The past no longer matters. I have navigated through this epic. Life is about healing and continually elevating.

God is truly with me. And just this small part of my reading that I shared with you proves that I am ultra connected to something metaphyscial.

A coincidence? I think not.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring: A Time For New Beginnings

It's spring. Time for new beginnings.

The bulbs are starting to peek from under the thawed earth. A full moon fills the evening sky. It is the time of year to start anew--a rebirth of sorts.

Life is extremely hectic, but you must remember to take a step back and breathe. Take in all the sights of this new season. Let the rays of the sun shine brightly upon your face. Just close your can do it!

Less than two weeks and counting until the big day. The nerves are beginning to set in with all of the pressure, but I must heed my own advice. Overall, I feel pretty good. I do find myself tiring by mid-day lately, but I have made a conscious decision to try and retire a bit earlier each evening.

Little Goldie is off to "boarding school" for three weeks. She left last Thursday, and let me tell was an emotional time. Right before she was picked up, Dylan and I spent some quality time with her. I even sat her down and explained why she was leaving for awhile...I guess it was to reassure myself that all was for the best.
Besides reinforcing basic obedience, the trainers are working with her to become a service dog. In reality I know in my heart that my remission status could change at any time, and I need all the assistance I can get. Goldie will walk off leash at all times, learn to hold, pick up and walk besides a wheelchair.
I miss her like crazy. But in a few weeks, my little girl will be home with us and able to lead a much more productive life with us.

Goldie leaving for boarding/training school

This weekend I went for my annual reading. With all the craziness surrounding my life, I wanted to seek out answers to many unanswered questions.

After meeting Daniel a few weeks ago at the metaphysics meeting, I knew I could only see him. It was an amazing experience--one that truly reinforced my strong drive to serve God.

I promise to share some of the highlights in my next blog update. But for now, remember to take a moment for yourself. You deserve it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Bachelorette Party!

Last night my closest friends surprised me with a "bachelorette party" at a local restaurant. I knew it was happening, but I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going.

Sally had given me a special t-shirt to wear for the occasion, so I was prepared! Or so I thought!

Dawn and Pat picked me up at the house and drove to Amityville. They parked the car and we walked into an unfamiliar place...but I did see a large table filled with friendly faces. In fact, some faces that I was shocked to see!

Immediately I was given specific attire to wear for the evening. It included a baseball cap that said 'bachelorette,' a flashing 'bride to be' pin, a sash and an enormously heavy plastic diamond ring. I was told the ring I received from Sally didn't have a big enough diamond in it!

The first thing I did was make my way around to each and everyone at the table to thank them. I felt such a warm feeling...the love was there in layers!

Needless to say, I had a few drinks. Yes...I know...I don't drink. But what the heck! I felt no pain!!! ha, ha

After the wonderful meal, lots of photographs and tons of hugs, a few of us proceeded to our next destination...BOWLING! Yes, bowling! But this was no ordinary bowling alley. It was a nightclub, filled with flashing lights, loud music and lots of laughter.

I had a fantastic time...and it will be a night I will always treasure in my heart. I am truly blessed with the best friends on this planet. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Three weeks and counting. Oh my!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Friday Night's New Experience

I recently read an article citing The Eyes of Learning, a Long Island-based metaphysical study group. Of course I had to check out this group since I am pursuing my doctoral degree in metaphysics!

The Eyes of Learning, which was founded in 1983, meets several times a month at Levittown Hall in Hicksville. Friday night's program was entitled "Meet the Psychics," so I did!

I called Noah earlier in the day to see if I could borrow his ark, just so that I could safely travel through the torrential downpour to my destination. Unfortunately, it was in the shop for minor repairs, so instead I hopped into my convertible, with the top up...silly! My soul sister, Dawn, took the ride with me...and it truly was an adventure trying to avoid the large potholes covered over with minor streams from the floods!

Upon arriving at our destination, we were informed that the large room that is normally used for meetings was taken by a local boy scout troop. Unfortunately we would have to fit like sardines, in a small room, and the program had to be changed.

Originally the workshop was advertised as a "get up close and personal" with the gifted readers. We were supposed to sit in small groups and ask questions. However, that was not feasible.

In the standing-room only workshop, three very different individuals spoke about their practices and evoked questions from the crowded room. Very few lucky participants received personal readings, but they were very informative.

There was one very uplifting time for me during the evening. A master psychic/artist/spirit communicator, Daniel Akner, was introduced to the group. Immediately you could feel the vibration in the room turn around.

He began my cleansing the air with three very specific aromatherapies, including pure orange extract. Daniel then proceeded by filling the room with light background music and asked us to meditate as he read something he specifically penned for that evening.

Within minutes, my body and mind were one with the universe. I felt so relaxed and at peace, and I didn't want the moment to end. I truly miss group meditations. Meditating individually is fine, but a group of minds meditating all at once is truly uplifting. The energy in the room is so electrifying.

Daniel shared some personal information about himself, as well as a selection of some of his paintings. There was something "special" about Daniel...a true metaphysical connection...but he read everyone around me, never making eye contact with me.

I so desperately wanted to ask him about my recent remission miracle, and about my new path into metaphysics. But the time was truly getting late, so I took his business card with the hopes of reaching out to him one on one. In the meantime, I am going to try to attend several future events where he will be speaking...including The Spring Festival For The Eyes of Learning on April 27th.

Daniel's knowledge of metaphysics, his use of crystals, aromatherapy, affirmations...are the direction I am heading at this time in my life. Perhaps he is someone that can work with me in achieving my goals as a metaphysicist and minister to those with chronic illnesses.

Time will tell. But for now, I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Daniel.

Until next time...Peace and love to you.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I Am Truly Blessed

Thank you, almighty God, from the bottom of my heart for all of your blessings.

I am sitting at my computer in tears. Now don't get upset...they are not tears of sadness. They are happy tears.

My life has totally changed since I have been touched by God through my illness. Letters are coming in, weekly, from people all over THE WORLD, thanking me for this blog. (Just take a peek at the comment after my last blog entry!)

And now that I am officially an ordained minister, I will continue to support people to the best of my ability.

Today I took the first step towards establishing a ministry, something that I hope to fully achieve once I receive my doctoral degree. The timeframe is at least a year or more at this point, but I can wait! I know time is of the essence when you are ill, but God is looking after me.

I received an email from someone associated with The Myositis Association, asking me to attend an event two days before my 50th birthday. This dinner will open me up to meeting people who are at the forefront of the fight against this horrific disease.

Can there be a better way to help support others with this disease, along with their families, if I meet the leaders in our fight? Absolutely not!

It is my goal to minister to those afflicted with myositis, and their loved ones...with the hopes that together...we can beat this thing.

We need the monetary support, of course, that goes without saying. And thanks to people like Lisa Korcz, who is running the Half Marathon on my behalf, people are starting to listen.

But we specifically need the support of the US government and its leaders to fight for funding for much needed research, and to get the pharmaceutical companies on board.

Yes...we need to take it one day at a time. One foot in front of the other...just like I have been doing each day since my diagnosis. But with God on our side, we can't lose!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lisa's Run for Myositis

Last year, my friend Trish introduced me to an attractive, fit young woman named Lisa Korcz. Ms. Korcz has been working in the fitness industry most of her life, and was interested in hearing my band play.

After meeting her several times at various gigs and parties, we finally got to speak heart to heart, and I relayed the story of my illness. My story seemed to touch her deeply. There I was, a former athlete, now helpless because of an incurable muscle disease. Truth be can happen to any one at any time!

There I was...a woman who once played professional tennis...played high school tennis and softball, and made my college softball team as a freshman...using a cane and/or wheelchair to move around.

There I was...dependent on others for my daily living. I couldn't drive, or dress, feed or bath myself.

There I was...a former bodybuilder who relied DAILY on her strength...both mentally and physically...and could no longer raise her hands above her head.

Lisa saw something in me that brought it "home" for her. She is also an extremely athletic woman who could never imagine being "struck" with a debilitating, incurable muscle disease.

A few months ago, Lisa approached me and stated that she wanted to help educate others about myositis, and raise money for research. After talking to a representative at The Myositis Association, we set up a page so that Lisa can reach her goal.

Lisa has taken on the challenge of running the Long Island Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, New York...dedicating her run to The Myositis Association. All proceeds will go directly to TMA to help those, like myself, live longer, healthier lives.

Thank you Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, for dedicating your run to a very worthwhile cause. May God be with you as you train, and lead you through to the finish line.

If you'd like to make a donation or read more about Lisa's Run for Myositis on behalf of me, (for which I am truly humbled), please click the link below:

Thank you and God bless,

"Rev" Bev

Where Did the Day Go?

I have been busy scrambling to get the "little" things done before our big day. The photo montage is taking me a lot longer than expected. I guess it is that "perfectionist" inside of me!

We had some serious issues with our electricity over the last few days, and the electrician finally showed up today to investigate. Two hours and over $300.00 later, nothing was resolved. Our electrical panel has power, but certain sections of the house are without total power.

A few hours after the first electrician left, I received a call that another one was on his way. Within five minutes, he figured out the problem. One of the electrical outlets in the master bedroom had bad that it had melted. He told me that if the second wire had caught fire, instead of the first one, that we would have lost our home.

God is definitely watching over us.

I received a great piece of news last week from my rheumy in NYC. Dr. Spiera said, "You are in total remission!" TOTAL REMISSION! Hallalujah! He feels that I should try to live a normal life for as long as I am able. However, if at any time I feel weak, I must contact his office and schedule another chemotherapy treatment.

It has been 8 months since my last Rituxan treatment, and both docs feel that I can go at least one year, possibly two. Wouldn't that be wonderful? A true blessing!

Speaking of blessings...I received a letter from the International Metaphysical Ministry 'congratulating me on passing my Minister course study exams.'

The next step was to take my vows, which I did with my family by my side. In a few weeks all of the legal paperwork should arrive so that I can register at City Hall to become a marriage officiant in New York. In the meantime, I am continuing my studies towards the doctoral degree.

Lots going on--the clock is ticking away. This month will fly I need to S-L-O-W the pace down a notch.

Breathe in...hold it...release. Repeat.