Friday, February 29, 2008


Dearest Friends,

I have never written about anything other than my life on this blog until today. I have been jarred emotionally by a recent incident in the news. It has angered me and moved me to tears--but it is crucial that each of us take this opportunity to make a difference in the upcoming election.

Lawrence King, a 15-year-old boy from Oxnard, California, was shot twice in the head during class at E.O. Green Junior High School on February 12th. He was declared brain dead and taken off life support three days later.

Larry King

Why was he murdered by another student, 14 year-old Brandon McInereney?

Friends say it was because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. "Larry" was reported to be openly gay, and sometimes attended school wearing make-up and jewelry.

Brandon was one of many students who were known to bully and harrass Larry. He has been arrested and charged with the murder. Ventura County prosecutors have said the murder was a "premeditated hate crime."

Another hate crime? Wasn't it just ten years ago that we witnessed another horrific murder of a young Wyoming teenager, Matthew Shepherd, because of his sexual orientation?

Hatred. Ignorance. Violence.

There is no room in this world for those three words. We can no longer tolerate these violent acts upon our young children.

We MUST enact a federal hate crime law to ensure the safety and freedom of ALL of the GLBT community. No if's, and's or but's about it. Hate crimes cannot be tolerated at any level...EVER.

All of us are children of God, no matter what our color, religion or sexual orientation. The US government must make it mandatory to hold classes, with NO exception, on tolerance and diversity. This should also be a mandatory part of a company's orientation to a new employee.

Young people desperately need our direction and guidance to prevent hate crimes from happening over and over again. Please, friends--mothers, fathers, teachers--I beg you to PLEASE educate our children about acceptance, understanding and compassion.

As a minister, let us pray for Lawrence "Larry" King and his family.

"Divine Presence of our Creator who is here with us and within us, lighten our sadness at this moment with the joy that as you are always with us, and as Larry is with spiritually and in truth we all live together within you."

"And that death is but the temporary parting from the eye, but not from your presence which contains us all. For this realization of Truth to lighten our sadness and spiritually dry our tears with peace through your spirit...we do give thanks...Amen."

"Divine Father of Light, Goodness, and Truth, I call upon your Holy Presence, within us, and about us...that as we light this candle, with the candle representing Your Universal Spirit, that your spirit light be with Lawrence King giving strength, peace and love, and assurance in the continuance of his life beyond our physical presence."

"In the spirit of truth and goodness, we ask this in your name, and in faith we accept that SO IT IS."

(Moment of Silence)

May the King Family receive guidance, from the God within them, to remove sadness which they feel. Let the healing of God's love be greater in them than the loss that they feel.

Ellen Degeneres said it best during her segment today. Please click below:


Blogger Donnan said...

Thank you Bev for expressing the sentiments of many of us so eleoquently. I am amazed at how accomplished you are! You are a true "Renassiance man" hope you don't mind the pronoun change LOL.It was nice to see you and Sally at the cinema arts centre the other night. You look so well!Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I enjoy reading your blogs. Please keep writing and I'll keep reading. Bye for now, Donna

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