Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Winds Down, But I Don't!

Wow! I cannot believe there is only one week left in the month of February. We actually had some snow last week, but it only lasted a day due to the amount of rain the NY area has been incurring.

Dylan watching the snowflakes fall!

The temperatures have rollercoastered from the low teens to the upper 60s. Global warming? It definitely is weird!!!

I have been extremely achy all over, but my mental state has been amazing through everything, thanks to my studies. I completed my ministry courses and mailed them out, registered receipt. I spoke to a representative at the university who said it may take a month to receive my grade. In the meantime, she advised me to continue working on my master's degree.

I've taken a brief hiatus from my studies...for a go over tax stuff, get last minute wedding plans in order, and to just relax. Of course, that is impossible with the April date so close. We did meet with the bakery to order our will be gorgeous!

My Long Island rheumy, Dr. Rumore, gave me a great report the other day. My bloodwork results for January looked fantastic! My CK levels are 77 and aldolase is 3.5! 3.5...yahoooooo!

I also had an appointment with Dr. Ruisi, the cardiologist, for a check up. His office staff couldn't believe how great I looked, and he also was extremely pleased with my health status at this time. I don't have to return until August!

Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Spiera in NYC, and I have many questions regarding my inability to sleep, despite the ambien. Dr. Rumore thinks it could be the pain I am in, so he suggested taking Tylenol along with the ambien. Maybe it is also hormonal, or lack of hormones. Let's see what Spiera thinks.

Sally's birthday was a three-day affair this year! I made a wonderful Valentine's/Birthday dinner on Thursday for the three of us.

We went out to Gasho of Japan with friends on Friday night, which was a very interesting experience. This particular restaurant recently opened, and they obviously didn't have their acts together just yet! But we made the most of it...laughing the entire time!

(Back) Dan, Eric, Ceil, Liv, Bev (Front) Ann, Joan & Sally

Catch the flying food! (Not too embarassing, eh?)

We ventured out later on that evening to Dave and Buster's for some fun and games. Sally and I competed in a very serious game of air hockey. We really get competitive! Yikes!

Not too competitive, are we?

On Saturday, Sal's gal pal Marjory took us out for seafood to celebrate yet again. Not bad, eh?

We also celebrated our little Goldie's first birthday! I cannot believe she is one! Where did the time go?

Goldie jumps for her "lit" birthday cookie!

This upcoming weekend will also be crazy! Mom is meeting me in NYC, and will drive us back to the island. She has to get her dress fitted, we are going to the florist to pick out the flowers, hopefully looking for shoes and finally I am having my hair styled on Sunday to get an idea of what I want it to look like. Oy vey!

Guess what? I actually found a metaphysical group out of Hicksville! I have been looking to meet with people who are also practicing metaphysics as part of their lives, and I am attending a meeting on March 7th.
The most important thing, right now, is staying on track with my health. My positive attitude and daily meditation will guide me in the right direction.


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