Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunshine Brings Smiles Today!

What a beautiful day! It's 40 degrees outside, and the sun is shining bright. Despite the temperature, I took a drive out east to shop and walk around.
I had to buy a Giants sweatshirt to wear when I watch the Super Bowl on February 3rd. The one I own has their outdated logo, and I wanted a new one.
We (my NY Giants) have a good chance of winning it all this year, despite the odds. I think it is about time that New York whips New England once and for all, for the title!
On another topic, I am still utterly exhausted. No matter what I do, I can't seem to shake it. I have an appointment at the lab this Friday to check out my blood levels for the past month. I hope and pray they are still okay, and that this exhaustion is just part of the healing process.
Staying out until 4 in the morning this past weekend didn't help, I guess! Our gig at The Court House was fantastic, and I think my voice was better than it has been in a very long time.
We all went to a local diner after the show and I didn't get to sleep until 5! And then we went to a friend's house for an early dinner on it was a busy weekend.
Last night, Sally and I went to the catering hall to finalize the menu for our affair. We got the names of two bakeries so we can select our cake. I have to call them and meet with the bakers and decide on a design. We want to it match our cake topper that we had personally designed for the occasion.
The invitations were mailed out yesterday at the post office, so the clock is now officially ticking! Let's just hope our gowns come in on time, and that everything continues on this wonderful path forward.
I am so in love. I have never been as happy or as much at peace as I am at this moment in time. Despite the negative energy or sadness around, I remain positive and thankful for all that I have.

A much happier, spiritually healthier & content me!

Hang on tight world...full speed ahead!!!


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