Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Good Day!

Received wonderful news today. Dr. Rumore's nurse, Andrea, called me this afternoon to say my latest blood results looked great. Whew...that is a relief!

Been really, really tired lately. Actually...I am exhausted. But I keep on chugging along. We had a full weekend, including the premiere of the "L Word" at Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington. It has turned into an annual event nationwide, and approximately 500 gay women gathered to watch the first episode of the fifth season.

After the show, half of the women drove over to Baang in Woodbury for a party. It was a lot of fun, with all proceeds going to HRC, The Human Rights Campaign. ( Lots of dancing, drinking, and mingling. Good vibes all around!

Yesterday began with a very interesting phone message from "my" ING representative. Remember my blog from a few weeks ago when I got so upset by this woman's phone call? She had said that I needed to go back to work, despite my health and it was up to me, not my doctors to make that decision?

Well, she apologized! Yes...APOLOGIZED!! She said she didn't mean to upset me and that she shouldn't have said those things to me! She is closing her files on me for now because I do not qualify to work at any occupation at this time due to my health status. No shit, shirlock!

Since the weather was unseasonably mild, Goldie and I met my friend Julie (and her golden Taylor) at Gardiner Park. She encouraged me to let Goldie off her leash, and it was fantastic. Overall, Goldie did very well on our one hour walking adventure through the park. But those few times she lagged behind, Taylor went right over to her, gave a loud bark, and the two trotted happily together down the trail.

I fell asleep for two hours after that hike...whew, was I beat! Then last evening, Sally and I met some people for dinner at Honu's in Huntington for our friend Barbara's birthday. What an interesting dining experience.

The atmosphere was very chic and sophisticated. And the menu extremely different. There were no appetizers and entrees, per se. Everything was served on small plates, and everyone at our table shared a taste. I think we ordered each and every dish on the menu between the fifteen of us. We had a great time!

This morning I made a conscious decision to walk on the treadmill and try to lift some light weights on the machine. I have to work on gaining my strength, a little at a time. And since I received the great news that my bloodwork is status quo, I must continue to work at it.

Each day affords us the opportunity to start anew. Take a chance, and go for it with every part of your being. I am! And so should you.

No more excuses!


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