Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Days Are Flying By!

Not feeling well the last two days. Kind of hard to describe. I have an ache in my neck and it radiates to my right ear.

I saw my primary doc today and he seemed puzzled. He said that my ears are pristine, but that my lymph nodes are swollen. Dr. Cipolla said it is viral and that I should give it a week. If I don't feel better, come on back to his office.

Now, what bothers me, is that is the side of my face where I had the new crown put in last week. But why would the pain come from my neck? It would seem that if it were coming from my mouth, that the pain would start up there and radiate down. I guess I will sit tight for a few days.

This past Sunday was very nice. Mom drove out earlier in the day, and then my brother Scott came out with his boys. We finally got to celebrate the holidays together. Better late than never!

While Mom visited for a few days, we went shopping for a "Mother of the Bride" gown. She insisted that she was only going to look, and then when she gets back to New Jersey, she'd go shopping with her friends and really look. Then once she found something, I'd drive out and see it before she made a final decision.

Well, guess what? The third dress she tried on was a keeper. She looked absolutely beautiful in a long, lacey black gown. One more thing accomplished.

We actually received a call from Chateau La Mer last night to schedule a meeting to finalize the menu. I cannot believe our "big day" is less than 3 months away! OMG!

Last week we had our pre-wedding photos taken, and they came out beautiful. It was hard to choose just one! We were really lucky to have such a mild day with temps in the 50s, to go out and have a photo shoot, in the middle of January!

The happy couple!

The days are flying by. Life really is too short! I must never put limitations on myself, and live each day to the fullest. Especially since I will be turning the big "50" very soon!

I no longer fear the future...despite having a chronic disease. God has blessed me with a loving family and wonderful friends. The love of my life and I will be making a lifetime commitment to each other in April, and the doctors are working with me to beat the odds.

"Nothing can stand before me when God stands with me."


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