Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Home Run!

I received more great news today! My best friend, Dawn, is cancer free! She had another colon cancer scare recently, but her doc assured her that she is fine. She is home recuperating from her surgery, but she will be dancing at our wedding in April!

And a longtime friend, Linda, called me to say her Mom's lung surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering also showed no signs of cancer.

Whatever a person must go through...whether it be an illness, a loss or a traumatic event...one must maintain a positive attitude.

The power of God within each person is greater than any outside force...in my case...pain and weakness of the illness within me. Or with my friends, the fear of cancer.

Each day you must yield your mind and body to the God-power within. This power can bring peace, power and healing to one's body and mind.

Always give thanks to the God-power of one's mind for giving yourself self-mastery.

For God is truly good!


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