Saturday, October 20, 2007

If It's Not One Thing...It's Another!

Just when you think you are taking a giant step forward, you have to turn around and take two steps back.

I am sorry that I have been out of touch for a few weeks. On October 1st, I woke up not feeling "right." I didn't want to alarm my family, so I got out of bed and walked around the house. Unfortunately, I felt much worse and asked Sally to call 9-1-1.

Within minutes, a Suffolk County Police officer was administering oxygen to me and taking my blood pressure. Then all at once, my livingroom was filled with EMTs of all shapes, sizes and genders.

According to the EMT taking my vitals, it appeared that I was in the midst of having a heart attack. Yep, a freakin' heart attack. I was wheeled outside and lifted into the ambulance. They waited for quite a few minutes until I was stable, after taking the nitro under my tongue, to jet me off to the local hospital.

Once I arrived in the ER at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, everyone was so attentive. But that stopped rather quickly. Over the next six to eight hours, no one...not a nurse, aide or physician came over to check on me. If I had been alone, I would have pee'd on myself and I was never even offered a glass of water. Thank goodness Sally stayed at my side all day.

I kept telling the staff that I am immunosuppresseed, but they didn't seem to give a shit about that. They decided to keep me in the ER overnight since there were no beds upstairs. However, I said NO WAY! So they finally wheeled me to the cardiac floor later that evening.

Once I got into my bed, the nurse came over and said my chart was empty. No one in the ER took any notes. Interesting, huh? I was just glad to get into a room with my own bed. It was next to the window and a crucifix with Jesus watched over me all day and night. Hey, it can't hurt, right?

After several days of tests, nothing was they released me. I made an appointment to see my internist and my cardiologist for further testing. My rheumy is a bit confused over this entire episode, as am I. He felt it may have been a spasm.

This week Dr. Ruisi, the cardiologist gave me the all clear. He wants me to start a serious exercise routine. On the other hand, he told me to speak to my internist, Dr. Cipolla, about what the next step should be.

Dr. Cipolla sent me for a CT scan with contrast of the stomach and pelvis. That chalky liquid is nasty, but I drank it down! They also put in a needle with dye through my arm for contrast. It wasn't all that bad afterall!

On Monday I have an appointment at Dr. Kongara's office (my gastro) to see if it is my gallbladder or spleen. I have been doubled over with pain for several days, so I pray we now will have the answers.

A friend of mine is driving me to Mineola for the appointment. Whatever it ends up being, let's take care of it right now.

I cannot deal with this pain any longer, and I want to move on with my life.

On a positive note, I brought my camera out to Jarrett's cross country meet last week. Lots of fantastically talented athletes out here in Suffolk...and the landscape at Sunken Meadow State Park was truly nature at its best. Well, I will catch up after Monday's gastro appointment. I just hope they find "something" after all of this pain and discomfort. I have a commitment ceremony to plan!