Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The "S" Word

Hi! Today is Tuesday, the fourth of September. And tomorrow the kids go back to school.

Sally and I went to Staples today to buy some school supplies for Jarrett, and it was a mad house! Oy vey! We don't know what he'll need, so we bought at least one of everything!!! Considering he won't be home until 6ish tomorrow due to cross country practice with his lists, and we have a Ducks game tomorrow night, it was better to play it safe and buy ahead of time. We can always buy other items once the rush is over!

Had a very nice long weekend with the family. We attended ninth grade orientation on Friday. It included a "limited" tour of the building and a powerpoint presentation by the principal. High School will be tough, but good for our son.

Then on Saturday, we boarded the Bob-O at Captree for a fishing excursion. Talk about seasick. Jarrett couldn't even fish for five minutes. Sally and I both didn't feel well either. They drove us out into the ocean to catch fluke, and the waves were bumpy.

There weren't many people on the fishing trip, so it was a nice day. The crew was wonderful to us. And of course, I caught "the big one!" I didn't have the largest fluke, but it was big.
Sunday afternoon was spent in Bayside, Queens at my band gig. It was hot as you know what. They positioned us directly facing the sun from 1-5 pm...and needless to say, we were wiped out! It was our first outdoors gig, and we learned a few lessons! I had hired a photographer for the day, and I am looking forward to seeing the shots. We need new ones for our press kit and website.

Yesterday was Labor Day, and we had a few friends over for a barbecue and swim. The weather has really cooled down, but the pool is fantastic.

I am swimming at least three laps each day, and am trying to walk and lift weights as well. My body is not really sure what is going on, but overall it is cooperating. I can see and feel a difference, but still some days I need to just lay down and rest.

I must remember to listen to my body...even though my mind may say something totally different.

Since it is September, it is time to start my doctoral degree. The Jewish New Year begins next week, and I want to start anew myself. Time to buckle down and start hitting the textbooks. I also want to concentrate on getting physically stronger...overall...and continue on my quest to beat this disease.

And I will!


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