Friday, September 28, 2007

New Glasses & Great News!

No wonder I am having trouble reading! The eye doctor said I needed a totally new prescription, even though I have had them for less than a year! In addition to getting the progressives again, I ordered darkening lenses and a coated material for the lens to help with the glare.

Sally and I had a nice day last Friday. Jarrett had school, so just she and I started the day at IHOP after meeting with his guidance counselor, and then went on different errands. We giggled a lot, and Sally mentioned how nice it will be for the two of us to be alone in a few years. (once Jarrett becomes more independent!)

Did I mention that Jarrett made the VARSITY Cross Country team as a freshman? Only one of two in the entire school. He is a born runner! Yep, that's my boy!

Sally spent the entire day on Saturday building shelves in our office closet. I was quite impressed with her design concept and final product. Way to go, Sally!

Then on Sunday, Sal and I got out of the house early to attend the West Islip County Fair. I specifically went to find a handmade, heart-shaped wreathe. However, my day was made with just a single handshake.

One of my favorite painters has a booth each year at the fair selling her artwork. Have you heard of Diane Romanello? We have several of her prints throughout the house. She is known for her beach and outdoor paintings. They are all drawn by memory since she now lives in Florida.

We casually strolled over towards the booth and much to my surprise...there she was! Not only was she there in person, but she had one of her lastest paintings out on display...The Fire Island Lighthouse. I had to have it. And of course, I now own it! It was a pleasure to finally meet her.
On Monday evening I took the train from Babylon to Penn Station to take the trek out to New Jersey for my friends funeral/memorial. It was rather a long ride, but I was able to figure out where to change trains in Penn vs. NJ Transit.

The Memorial Service for Patti Jacobson was short, but those all in attendance left with heavy hearts. It was so difficult and wrong to see a Mom mourn for her young daughter. It isn't supposed to happen that way.

Mom drove me back to Long Island because we had our "tasting" already scheduled for Wednesday evening at Chateau La Mer. We spent the day in Riverhead at the Tanger Outlets. Mom did okay...buying a beautiful suit, a pair of shoes, and other miscellaneous things. I really enjoyed spending the time with her. I miss her so much and wish we lived closer.

That evening when Sally got home, the three of us drove to the tasting. We were greated by Lou, our catering manager and were escorted to a table for three. We were treated to a wonderful evening overall.

We walked around this elegant catering hall and showed Mom all three rooms...where the ceremony will be held, the cocktail hour and of course, the reception. Needless to say, she LOVED it!

The views of this magnificent waterfront facility took my breath away once again. Mom said it reminded her of being on a boat...watching the waves on the Great South Bay. The full moon was in the distance and the panoramic waterview from the main room sent chills through my body once again!

Our samplings were exceptionally good and we made the decision right there to have our once in a lifetime ceremony this coming April.

Now the fun begins. I ordered "Save the Date" magnets and we have to start to scramble to get things done. April isn't that far away.

But having the day with Sally, my family and close friends, will be the perfect dream come true.

I deserve it, right? Of course right!!!


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