Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A New Beginning

L' shanah tovah. Happy New Year!

Last week we began the new year 5767. Jarrett and I drove to New Jersey on Thursday to have dinner with the family. It is the first time, since Dad passed away, that Mom invited everyone over for a holiday feast.

It was wonderful to sit at the dining room table with my loved ones and enjoy her matzoh ball soup, pot roast and potato kugal. The atmosphere was definitely different without Dad at the head of the table. But I know he was there in spirit.

My wish to see my nephew/godson play baseball on Long Island finally came true this past weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday driving back and forth to Baseball Heaven in Yaphank watching him play. He is so grown up...and has the poise of a professional athlete. I am so proud of him.

On Sunday he had a lot of time between games, so I took he and his mom, Julie, out to breakfast and back to our home. He did his homework, played with the puppy and just talked. I miss spending time with him. It has been over 15 years since I moved out of New Jersey...and the little time I spend with him is so precious.

The good news is that I kept my promise to start studying right after Rosh Hashanah. I opened my introductory book yesterday and completed the first two sections. The readings were fascinating and the questions quite challenging. But it truly opened my mind.

You see, the first part of my doctoral degree is to study to become an ordained minister. The chapters will challenge my skepticism and help me embrace the power of God.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I meditated a different way. My first chapter instructed me to light a single white candle and stare at it for ten minutes. At that point, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the flickering of the candle and find my "third eye." What an amazing experience.

Over the last few years, I have seen various "visions" while my eyes have been closed. In fact, I thought that I saw a small hole where distorted shapes and colored lights seeped through. I now realize it is my second sight/third eye--the eye of the soul.

I have to pace myself through the chapters...all 48 of them...so that I can absorb the information, repeat it and then practice the teachings. I cannot pressure myself to any specific number of chapters per week, but the school suggests only two. Yesterday's lessons took about four hours from start to finish...quite a major accomplishment for me after three years of being ill.

Unfortunately my eyesight has diminished, even with my progressive glasses on. I made an eye appointment for Friday to get them checked.

It is time for bed. I have to get up early and drive out to Smithtown for my monthly bloodwork.

A happy and healthy New Year to all.

May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year!


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