Monday, September 10, 2007



Let me write that! You cannot believe what I heard on Channel 7 news the other night.

It will be six years tomorrow that we mark the dreadful anniversary date of September 11th. And a "9/11 Health and Compensation Act" is being introduced to Congress. This new federal legislation will push for better healthcare for those still suffering from the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, the first responders.

Advocates are calling for reopening the September 11th victim compensation fund so more workers who are sick can be monitored and treated.

Now...are you ready for the shocker??? Are you sitting down?

Guess what "disease" several people who worked at ground zero the months following 9/11 are suffering from? (Don't think too hard!)

You got it...POLYMYOSITIS!!!

According to Channel 7, "normally one in every 100,000 people get this, but four out of 8,000 got the disease so they determined it's from Ground Zero."

Hmmm...Ground Zero. So, now I am thinking. Perhaps my disease is NOT genetic. Perhaps it is environmental.

Now, the second kicker. A former colleague of mine from Underwriters Laboratories--where I worked from 1995-2001--died last week from a form of mixed connective tissue disease. She never smoked and was on oxygen 24/7. This 55-year old woman was in desperate need of a lung transplant, and was on the waiting list. Unfortunately, she passed away before she had a second chance.

This has me seriously baffled. What am I to think now??? Was I exposed to something during some of the tests at UL? Is everyone else there at risk?

Guess it is time to do more research online, follow the 9/11 responders and ask many more questions when I see Dr. Spiera.



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