Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Life Ends

Blah. An interesting word, right? It describes exactly how I have been feeling the last few days.

Not sure if its the change of weather, the end of summer or the solemn holidays...but I have been "off." Every muscle is aching, especially my hips and shoulders. It actually feels like my hip joints are rubbing together. And my head feels like it is about to explode.

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, and I actually went to Yizkor Services at Congregation Beth Sholom in Babylon. I arrived during the Torah portion and stayed until the memorial service was over. It is a conservative congregation, so the services were entirely in hebrew. I actually was able to follow along, much to my amazement!

I have been rather reflective the last few days. Perhaps its just how I am feeling since beginning my ministry studies. I find myself closing my eyes often and praying and/or meditating.

My mom received horrific news...Patti, a 48 year old friend of the family, from my elementary school days, had a massive brain aneurism on Thursday, and they took her off life support Saturday afternoon. She had complained about back pain, and the day before thought she was getting a cold. She went to work and collapsed. She was brain dead.

Her family has had a hard life, and this is just another blow. Patti's mom had a brain tumor when she was in elementary school, and has health problems all these years. Then her dad passed away at a young age.

How difficult it must be for a mom to bury a child. It isn't supposed to happen that way. My wonderful mom has offered assistance to Patti's mom and brother, and we are awaiting a date for the funeral. I was told she will be cremated, but that the service will be at my mom's temple in New Jersey.

Mom was supposed to come out to Long Island this Monday and spend a few days with us. We are scheduled to go to Chateau La Mer for a food tasting to decide if we are definitely having our commitment ceremony there in April. We signed the contract, pending the food tasting!

Each day, life throws us another curveball. We never know, from one day to the next, what is in store for us.

God wants us to live each day to the fullest, and to love and fully appreciate the people in our lives. We must practice this each and every day. Be the best person you can be all the time.

Smile. Laugh. Enjoy!


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