Thursday, July 12, 2007


OMG. I cannot begin to tell you how bad I am feeling since my treatment two days ago. I was so sick this morning that I called Sally and asked her to come home from work at noon.

I must have run to the bathroom from the nausea a dozen times...and I was shaking all over. Yesterday I could actually feel the drug running thru my veins from head to toe, and today it is making me very sore in my joints.

The tears kept streaming down my cheeks from the pain until I couldn't take it, so I called the doc around 3:30. He called back around 6 pm and said he is very concerned about my symptoms.

Dr. Rumore said it can be an allergic reaction (G-d forbid) or possibly I am coming down with something. Considering I have no immune system, he wants me to immediately stop the Imuran for a week and start on a Z pack. I called the pharmacy and they delivered the antibiotic this evening so I could start it immediately.

I can't believe that when I finally think I am taking a step forward, something gets in the way. Hopefully I can try and get a good rest tonight and find my health in a better place in the morning.

On a good note, I finally got up the nerve and sent in my application to pursue my doctorate degree in Metaphysics. Since yesterday would have been Dad's birthday, I felt it was the perfect day to go for it.

And today my brother shared that my nephew/godson is being "watched" by the Minnesota Twins baseball club!!! They showed up at one of his games last weekend, and then called his coach.

Let's keep the positive vibe going all the way around!


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