Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Wish Come True

Great news! The phone rang around 9 pm this evening. It was Dr. Rumore's office...my rheumy. I have been approved for another round of Rituxan! Hooray.

I am scheduled for Tuesday, June 26 and Tuesday, July 10. The medication has already been delivered to his office and has been paid for by the pharmaceutical company!

My health has been changing dramatically over the last month, and I pray that this next treatment works as well as the first.

We had a really full weekend. Friday was Jarrett's graduation from Middle School. Since his class is so large, they split it into two graduation ceremonies! Luckily, he was in the first group at 5:30. I can't believe how grown up he is...and that he'll be attending North Babylon High School in just a few months. Where did my little boy go?

On Saturday, we had a big party in the backyard. Friends and family gathered in and around the pool, despite the weather. We had it catered, which was a wonderful thing! It was an old fashioned barbecue...from beginning to end.

Then on Sunday, I was honored at the 17th Annual Long Island Pride Parade as the Female Grand Marshall. Sally and I rode in the third car...a blue Buick Skylark convertible from the 60s. As we waved to the crowd, I felt so very proud of all I have been through and what I have accomplished.

I am so blessed!


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