Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Time to Rest!

It is the second week of June!

Our son graduates from middle school in two days, his party is on Saturday at our house, and then I will be riding a float at the LI Pride Parade as the Female Grand Marshall on Sunday. Quite a full weekend, right?

Unfortunately my health is going downhill pretty quickly. It is a little more than three months since my Rituxan treatment, and I am becoming extremely weak. I have a few calls into the docs office, but it seems the pharmaceutical company won't send the medication until the six month point.

I have an appointment with Dr. Rumore on the 18th, and I am certain he will have to make a plan "B." My legs are very weak...and I walk with a noticeable limp. My left hand cannot grasp things very well, and tonight in the shower I pulled my left shoulder. All I did was soap up my body and ouch!

I did see my ENT last week, and he feels that alot of my inflammations are due to allergies. He changed my medication from Allegra to Singulair. He also said my deviated septum is completely closed...guess its time to rethink that nose job, eh?

Today did mark a milestone, however. I officially lost another five pounds and weigh under 140 lbs! Hip, hip, hooray! I actually fit into a size 10!!!

Tears started running down my cheek this morning after I weighed myself. My emotions are beginning to take hold of me, once again, and I am fighting to stay in check. I must remain thankful for each day that I am here, and keep moving forward.

One step at a time!


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