Thursday, June 21, 2007

Five Days and Counting

Hello! Today begins the official first day of summer...the longest day of the year.

In five days I will be going through my next round of Rituxan, with hopes that I will get to enjoy the summer months! My doc feels that I have weakened substantially, and said my blood levels are not good. But these next two doses will hopefully make a positive impact.

I got to go to the beach on Sunday and Tuesday this week. I have quite a nice tan so early in the season...and I plan on spending many more days at Field 5!

Sal and I are driving to NJ on Friday to attend a friends wedding. I bought a new outfit...size 10! The weight is still coming off...slowly...but everyone has noticed the difference! Nice compliments!!!

I am so exhausted...I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I am pushing myself to my limits. I have to.

Came across an interesting slogan today, and I think I will use it from now on -- THERE IS LIFE WITH MYOSITIS, IT'S JUST DIFFERENT.


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