Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our Little Angel

Guess what? You will never believe this. Never. Not in a million years.
Sunday afternoon, Sally and I dropped Jarrett off at a friend's confirmation party in Merrick. It was approximately 3 pm, and we had some time to play around. Of course I spotted the pet store up the block, and Sally agreed to apease me!

For the last few weeks since our 9 year old golden's cancer has returned, we have discussed adopting a mini dog. There was no way we would ever adopt another golden, as Dylan is my third golden retriever with cancer.

When we walked in, a tiny teacup puppy caught my eye. He was so small and fragile. I could never imagine having him in our home.

As I looked around, I was extremely impressed with the place. It was clean, the animals looked healthy and happy, and there were many people coming in to pick up their pets. I had heard good things about this it did not obtain their dogs from puppy mills, but directly from the breeders themselves: thus the high ticket price. All the dogs were pure breds with papers.
Within a few moments, we noticed a cage with two golden retrievers. I told the animal assistant that I would never own another one due to their poor health. As I said it, one of the goldens looked up at me and stretched her arm. Sally and I both melted. We had to hold her...even for just a moment.

11-week old Goldie

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting on the floor crying. That bundle of joy brought tears to my eyes. And I have never seen Sally so attached to a puppy. She is a cat person, 100 percent. But something was different.

Of course, that little 11-week old golden retriever went home with us that day. Our older golden welcomed her into our home, but the two cats are not too thrilled. Jarrett was shocked, most of all...and said he used to love the kitty, but now loves the puppy.

Who knew that a little puff ball could bring so much laughter, love and happiness to our home. We decided to name her Goldie...based on her coloring. She is so sweet and wants to please us.

I hope that she enjoys us as much as we enjoy her. And I pray that she brings joy to Dylan, our 9-year old golden, as his days on earth begin to dwindle. She follows him everywhere, and copies everything he does! It is so adorable to watch.

This has truly taught me one thing: NEVER say never!


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