Thursday, March 15, 2007

Psychedelic Dream--A Sign?

I cannot believe it. The temperature rose to 60 degrees yesterday, and tonight we are expecting a snowstorm. Go figure!

I have been laying down most of the day...must be the change in barometric pressure. When the sun is shining, I have so much energy. But as soon as it is blah, I feel blah! I did finally get back to band rehearsal, so it took a lot out of me. It was sure good to be back!!!

Medical update: I saw Dr. Gudesblatt, my neurologist on Monday, and he was extremely pleased with my progress. However, he doesn't agree with my rheumy on how to proceed. I told him that I have an appointment with the "Myo Guru" next month in NYC, so we won't change anything until then.

He feels that I should have another Rituxan treatment in three months, as that is the neuro protocol. He also wants me to stop the Imuran and all my allergy meds. He feels they are making me tired. I can't imagine myself off of my Allegra. Especially since it is allergy season!

Dr. G was quite concerned with my memory loss, so he sent me for a brain MRI and has scheduled a "Mindstreams Cognitive Assessment/NeuroTrax." NeuroTrax is a computertized test designed to measure brain function such as hand-eye coordination, short-term memory, and long-term memory. The test is individualized according to symptoms and age.

He is also sending me for a genetic-based blood test, so I will be curious to the results.

On another, re, me! Ooops...still have the music in my head! Anyway, I had a extremely strange dream. It was cool man! I saw flashes of light and weird shapes, like in a kaleidoscope. The shapes were moving around and I remember feeling a very weird sensation in both legs.

I was very aware of what was going on...I was NOT asleep! The pulse-like feeling in both legs moved from my toes to my hips for approximately fifteen minutes. As the rhythmic feeling ceased, I saw a flash of light and a warm sensation completely enveloped my lower extremities.

I cannot explain what happened...but I opened my eyes and felt very peaceful. It was as if my muscles were regenerating themselves!

Do you believe??? I do!


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